The Booty Depot

waywardfoals said: Already sent you all the pics of my OCs already. Hmm... I guess I'll confess that I think Bookworm looks hot in fishnet stockings, but that's a given.

Here comes some sad news then.  Bookworm’s losing the fishnets.  Discussions with others (and her being called a hooker at Bronycon) kinda prompted the change.

But if she pops up here, she’ll wear them.

Sexual Saturday


Let’s make this a thing…with asks and pics and confessions and what not.  Yay!

Sexual Saturday

Let’s make this a thing…with asks and pics and confessions and what not.  Yay!

punk-pegasus said: If you had the monies, would you invest into actually installing a (d)fungeon?

Nah. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t see myself splashing the money to do it. And if it were real, it could be a turn off.

And I need all I can to get a girl right now ;~;

Anonymous said: You come home to Anthro Twilight on your bed all tangled up in some ribbons she was using to make you a present

There’s a lot of unknowns here. Is she clothed? How is she tangled up? What’s the present?

The scenario sounds more random than enticing. More cute than sexy.

inkie-heart said: What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done

I’ve had sex.

askstripes said: What if twidash were real, pony or anthro?

That’s a tough choice.  Leaning towards anthro.

inkie-heart said: Have you ever stolen anything? That's a naughty thing to do

Why must you ruin the intent of TMI Tuesday…

nsfw-inkieheart-deactivated2014 said: you should've named this blog "butts-ahoy"

I like the URL and it’s staying that way, Kinkie Heart.


I figured I haven’t drawn clop in while.  Asked some fellow tumblrites who I should draw Penny with, and Teej, the dude behind Pirate Dash, stepped up.

I included a gif showing the step by step process of sketching, digital re-sketching, inking, and coloring.  It’s actually kind of interesting seeing the changes.  Penny shrunk down because she’s supposed to be a tiny mare.

Absolutely beautiful.  And I love the process of seeing how it came together.

Thank you so much Ace!